Peter_SH_2 Peter Theill, Chairman of the Board
Peter Theill holds a Masters degree in Economics and Business Administration and has extensive experience from the finance sector in managerial positions both in Denmark and abroad. He carried out consultancy assignments for the World Bank and for a number of years he served as general manager of a consulting firm specialising in team-development and management training.
Peter Theill is Corporate Vice President for Business Development and member of management in SimCorp A/S.
Anders_SH Anders Bressendorff, Member of the Board
Anders Bressendorff is an engineer by training and has also studied corporate organisation. Following eight years of work as staff manager, production manager and internal organisation consultant for three different firms, he joined Novo Nordisk A/S as the head of the pharmaceutical production and the development of medical devices. After 16 years in this position he became a facilitator on a group level in 1998. The job as a facilitator involves analysing the state of the organisation compared to values and basic standards, as well as different internal consulting assignments.
Anders Bressendorff has carried out a large number of courses in business and organization development as well as quality control, also as an approved Lead Auditor within the ISO 9000 system.
Geert Rasmussen, Member of the Board
Geert Rasmussen holds a Masters degree in Psychology, specialising in team-development and performance psychology. After working at The Danish Insurance Institute he joined Unibank (now Nordea), where he had different positions in management training and organisational development, including international projects for The World Bank. In 1994 he joined Novo Nordisk primarily working with organisational change processes in the production sector.
Geert Rasmussen is today the Director of Organisational Development in Novozymes A/S, Production, Procurement & Quality.
Geert Egger, Member of the Board
Social Anthropologist and PhD in Education and Psychology. Based on his extensive experience within International Management and Organisational Development, he founded People in year 2000. Following a number of years as senior researcher, he has held managerial positions at the Copenhagen Institute for Fu-tures Studies, Novo Nordisk and Telia Denmark. He is the author of several books, articles and cases, and serves as both teacher and examiner at Copenhagen Business School.
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